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One page, everything you.

Personal pages are your own spot where you can put everything you.

All coins, tokens, referrals, socials and more, that come together to your own spot with your own preferences.

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Personal page features

Unique link

Use your own link


Completely adjustable background, profile pic and content box


Use one page for all your wallet addresses, links & referrals


Verify Twitter & YouTube socials to avoid imposters and scams. Always verify your influencer.

track & trace

Track visibility to your page. What wallets are they paying with, which socials are they clicking on?


Tons of updates with new adjustment possibilities, and even new features for users & influencers. 

Create your page

Quality tours crafted by local experts,

Create your own Personal Page in just a view, simple steps! Change the background, profile picture, content box, socials, referrals, addresses & coins to have one dedicated page for ALL your online stuff.

Want to check out a simple step-by-step guide to see how you can create your own Personal Page? Then check out the article once you click below:

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