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Request and invoice

Discover the platform features

Check the CoinRequest features down below. Do you have a question or feature request? Please submit it here; Suggestions and Requests Form

Tons of currencies & coins to request

We can support every asset that is available in your preferred wallet. Is there an asset you would like to request, but can’t find it on our platform? Make sure to send us a message via our contact form.

Pay with the coin of your choice

Someone sent you a payment request for some Ethereum, but you only have some Bitcoin to pay with? No worries! Just click the option to pay with another currency, and we’ll make sure it gets to its destination. (Available Soon)

Pay with fiat currency

Sometimes you just don’t want to pay with your cryptocurrency, but in a fiat currency. Or maybe you sent your mom a Bitcoin payment request. She pays in fiat currency, while you still receive your requested Bitcoin. Payment done!

Create a donation button

Pretty straight forward right? We also give you the option to make a donation button out of your cryptocurrency request, so that you have a (adjustable) payment request available every time someone visits your specific post or page (coffee doesn’t pay for itself).

Please see our donation page as an example.

Set an open payment request

Sometimes you want to let people choose how much they pay or donate. Choose the adjustable option, and the receiver is allowed to change the amount to their liking.

Request with your preferred name service provider

We’re not the only one making it easier to request and fulfill payments! Choose one of our supported name services providers you would like to request with, and we’ll handle the underlying cryptocurrencies addresses for you.

Peg your request to fiat or cryptocurrency

Do you absolutely want a specific amount of Bitcoin? Or rather a specific dollar amount? With the peg option you can set your preferred currency.