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About Us

CoinRequest is a request- & payment platform. If someone owns you money, you can send him or her a payment request via the CoinRequest platform. What distinguishes us, and makes us unique, is that the payer at no point has to fill out the information sent by the requester. Where the payer usually has to copy & paste information or scan a QR code, he now does a few clicks, checks the filled out information and confirms the payment.

Our mission

We are CoinRequest, we simplify your day-to-day payments by offering simple, clickable request and/or invoice links where the payment information is already filled out. The payer doesn’t want to be bothered with copy & pasting, with the risk of making mistakes. But just wants to check the payment information and makes the payment.

Our vision

The vision of CoinRequest is to be the go-to service provider for requesting payments. Creating payments and making requests should be easy and fast for everyone. Paying should be simple for new users and flexible for advanced users.

This all should be possible cross -platform, -app, -wallet, -blockchain & -name service.

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See how it works.

Please check the video to see a Bitcoin payment request being paid via the Zelcore Wallet.

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Why CoinRequest?

Making a (requested) payment isn’t easy. Users have to copy & paste the payment information. Which is really sensitive for errors. Or they need to scan a QR code to receive the payment information.

The first payment method is an obvious problem. The second method is, however, a great method. But paying via a QR code is  not always functional. What if the user has the QR code on his phone, and wants to pay with us phone? What if the user has the QR code on his laptop, but has no funds available on his phone?

With the QR code payment method, there are almost always two devices needed to make the payment. What if the user doesn’t have that available? Or what if the receiver and the requester are not standing next to each other so they can show and scan the QR code?

Our solution

CoinRequest solves these payment problems with simple, linkified requests you can share however you want. Send it via social media, chat applications, email or just copy the link and post it somewhere you’d like. The payment request link is always and everywhere available.

Multiple studies show that the less the payer has to do, the higher the chance he or she actually makes the payment. With our developed method, payers see all the information sent (amount, address & additional message), and can pay with just a view clicks, directly with their own wallet of choice.

CoinRequest is easy to integrate with wallets, name service providers, exchanges & others. This all makes CoinRequest the, one-stop cross-platform, -wallet, -asset & name service solution to sew all payment providers and apps together.

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